CMS is a web based cloud deployed software that covers the end-to-end process of cargo companies from booking, delivery, payment collection to all the way to accounting. CMS also enables the customers of cargo companies to track their cargo through website and mobile applications.


How it works ?


CMS helps manage both International and Local commercial goods, Postal and Courier services through Surface / Air / Sea over the internet .


All you need is a web browser through which you can connect to CMS online via a secure login. No IT required!


CMS automates the entire process through a single system with multiple user logins.


Documentation errors and cycle times are drastically reduced.



CMS manages the entire booking procedure starting with initial booking of the shipment to final delivery.


Setting up and processing the booking orders is made easy providing all the information needed.


Customer detail will be displayed while data is entered to evaluate customer pricing to negotiate a good deal.


Automated processes help you manage your supply chain with condence and eciency conrming that the correct goods are always received and paid for.


You can be 100% sure that all your shipments are delivered and on schedule.



Through barcoding enabled in the system, CMS allows for automatic identication of articles during loading, unloading and all the way to Proof of delivery.


This barcoding enabled process drastically reduces the chances of losing the articles to almost a negligible level.



Simple and complete stock management solution with real time view of stock levels.


Stocks grouping module displays articles grouped by their locations.


Trip management functions such as creating trips for dierent types of loads based on the stocks can be easily done.


This Flexible and congurable solution can result in improved eciency and productivity in the warehouse.



Create and schedule efficient import/export operations that minimizes downtime and deliver consistent service levels.


Our software can model complex networks, including multiple sorting centres, regional hubs, international freight, intermodal operations, direct customers, B2B, B2C, etc.



Our real-time parcel mobile delivery software can easily manage thousands of parcels and record proof of delivery for delivery proofs.


Our reports related to delivery and proof of delivery can help the Carriers dig deep into each and every delivery if needed.



Tracking an article or shipment is made very easy with our mobile tracking app and website. This tracking app facilitates your customers to view their shipment status quickly anytime.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is a system that manages customer interactions in an efficient and effective manner.


This software records and organizes client information such as names, addresses and transaction dates in one place.


This system provides easy and standardized access and management of information.


We are offer you with customized web based CRM solutions which helps your sales and marketing department to have a proper view of your customer with other added advantage which helps your customer smiling.



Accounting module or finance management is one of the core module of our system which allows you to take care of all accounts related entries and their impact on other modules or whole system.


It is important for top level management to check how the finance entered and how it is been utilized.


Our accounting Module provides you with overall financially accounting, analytical accounting, Budget analysis for controlling the enterprise income and expenses efficiently.


The Accounting module contains complete functionality required for any accounting department right from vouchers to the balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Account.